Johann Sebastian Bach portrait Applicatio with J.S. Bach's own fingerings Playing a Taskin Baroque harpsichord in Paris Conservatoire Playing a two-manual harpsichord with old fingerings



by Claudio Di Veroli

Domenico Scarlatti's 12 Sonatas from the

Essercizi, with Baroque Fingerings

This is the very first published score where these masterpieces of Baroque keyboard music are fully fingered according to the Baroque technique in use in Domenico Scarlatti's milieu. (Its principles are explained in the book Baroque Keyboard Fingerings: A Method.)

The Introduction includes explanations about the Original Edition, Ornaments and Other Signs, the Instrument, the Editorial Process, Registration and the Fingering Principles and Notation used in this edition.

This book is not on sale separately. It is only available as a free gift to owners of Bray Baroque's eBook F. Couperin's Pieces de Clavecin Fingered with Baroque Technique, vol. I.
For details on how to download the new D. Scarlatti edition please click here.

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