Johann Sebastian Bach portrait Applicatio with J.S. Bach's own fingerings Playing a Taskin Baroque harpsichord in Paris Conservatoire Playing a two-manual harpsichord with old fingerings



by Claudio Di Veroli

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How can I download and get this eBook?

This book is not on sale. It is only available as a free gift to owners of the book

F. Couperin's Pièces de Clavecin with Baroque Fingerings, Vol. I

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No you cannot. The only legal way to have a copy of this book is as detailed above.


How can I suggest either an update or an addition to the book, to be entered in future editions?

Please feel free to contact Bray Baroque by email at .

Where can I get more information about the author?

In his webpage.

Which other Bray Baroque book is recommended as companion to this one?

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